Felt Resist Workshop

October 16, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Como School of Arts
Novara Cres
Como NSW 2226

Tutor: Jane S-H

A resist is something put between layers of wool to stop them sticking together. It can be made of anything waterproof and flexible eg bubble wrap, laminate offcuts, old X-rays, plastics. If you are making a 3D object, a firm resist (eg laminate) is good as it allows you to feel where the edge is.

Resists allow you to build up layers which can then be revealed by cutting away, or through, the layer above. They can be used to make a pocket, a tube, frills. Have a look in our library or the public library for possibilities.

Materials needed

  • Old towels/s
  • Bubble wrap to work on twice the size of your project (remembering that the object will shrink 30%-40% so consider what size you want the finished item)
  • Plastic bag or means of taking all wet stuff home
  • A container to hold warm soapy water (eg old yoghurt container)
  • A squirt pear or drink bottle with holes in the lid or sprayer to spray soapy water into wool
  • Small quantity of dishwashing liquid, bar soap (olive is gentlest on hands)
  • Piece of plastic conduit, rolling pin – anything long enough to wrap your felt around
  • Pieces of elastic or string to tie around felt roller and keep it in place during the hundreds of rolls
  • Rubber gloves if wished or skin sensitive to soap
  • Scissors, a marker and whatever you need to shape your resist
  • Needle and thread to hold resist in place if shape means it may move during rolling

So far we have 7 members taking Jane’s workshop: Will, Julie, Gail, Helen R, Sue D, Kay, Dympna. Room for one more member.